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  • FlowerHub Package SAJ HS2 battery 15 kWh/9 kW

FlowerHub Package SAJ HS2 battery 15 kWh/9 kW

SKU: Flowerpaket-SAJ-HS2-15kWh-9kW

Senergia now offers a frequency package with SAJ inverter, batteries and Flower Hub.

Complete SAJ package with SAJ HS2 inverter, integrated with the battery control unit. With this Frequency Package you get everything you need to connect the batteries to the frequency market via Flower. The batteries from SAJ and the Flower Hub are characterized by being easy to install and have a high C-number.

The frequency package contains:

- 1pcs SAJ HS2 10 kW Inverter

- 1pcs Battery base

- 3pcs HV Battery 5.0kWh

- 1pcs Smart meter

- 1pcs Flower Hub

The system enables frequency services from Flower.

Why should I choose SAJ?
- Class III surge protection on both AC & DC side.

- Built-in DC switch.

- Built-in UPS function.

- Remote updating.

- Expandable battery system up to 25kWh.

- Easy to install.

- Sleek and stylish design.

- Included in the Target Right list.

Article numberFlowerpaket-SAJ-HS2-15kWh-9kW
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