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  • Mersen USGM1IHEL (Hållare, spring type)

Mersen USGM1IHEL (Hållare, spring type)

Varenummer (SKU): N1022293
Mersen’s line of UltraSafe fuse holders deliver the function, safety and level of circuit protection demanded by PV applications. Designed with enhanced materials and insulation properties providing the level of reliability and system longevity needed for high ambient conditions commonly seen at PV sites. The touch-safe design and tool-free fuse change-outs increase user safety. The unique spring terminal option is immune to vibration, corrosion and temperature making it the ideal choice for PV installation. Combine with Mersen’s HelioProtection HP6M or HP10M fuses for industry leading PV circuit protection
Article numberN1022293
ArtikelkategorierElmaterial (AC DC)